Physiotherapist in Andheri

Physiotherapy which is also called as Physical Therapy is mainly performed by applying mechanical force, movements, exercise and electrotherapy to activate motion and function.

It acts to address any disorders or injuries which led to limit a person’s abilities to make any movement or performing any functional activities in their regular routine.

There have been so many new techniques getting introduced day after days due to ongoing advanced research. Eventually the scope of physiotherapy is also becoming vast.

These days the kind of jobs we are doing is mostly making us sitting or inactive at workplace and also living luxurious lifestyles need some form or type of physiotherapy to treat our spasm, aches and nerves disorders.

Below are some of the signs which can be considered as an alert to go for the Physiotherapy treatment.

·         Continuous pain which impacts our quality of life.

·         Old injury which triggers from time to time

·         Pain while lifting child or any household stuffs.

·         suffering from Chronic Joint Injury

·         suffering from sports injury

·         Pain after sitting at a desk for the whole day.

·         Decreased in movement, shaky balance which impacts the living.

·         Undergoing neuro-rehabilitation

·         Frequent urination or inability to control urine.

·         Sprain or ruptured ligament is causing pain and discomfort


On addition to the above, we should analyze and decides for Physiotherapy when we see that we are often taking painkiller tablets, gels or sprays to perform our routine work or living our normal life.

There are several types of techniques uses for the Physiotherapy treatment.

Some of the major have been mentioned as follows:

Cold application
Heat application
Wax bath
Paraffin bath


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