Wellness Homeopathy

Safe and Non-toxic. No Side-effects.
Homeopathic remedies, because they are prepared and administered in homeopathic potency, do not have medical side effects.
Homeopathic remedies are safe even for newborn children, chemically sensitive, and pregnant women. They do not interfere with any medical treatment you may need. For this reason they are referred to as “”remedies”” to distinguish them from conventional drugs.
Enhances Health rather than Diminishes Illness
Remedies do not cover up diseases. They stimulate the body’s own reactions to overcome illness. Hence, no warnings or cautions are required with on homeopathic remedies.
Effective Even in Chronic Disease
Chronic diseases which at best can only be palliated by conventional medicine, can be effectively dealt with through homeopathy
Potent Preventive
Truly effective prevention allows avoiding diseases before they start. Remaining on homeopathic preventive maintenance program not only reduces the risk of common infections such as colds but also significantly slows down degenerative aging processes and reduces the risk of illness.
Individually Tailored for You
Homeopathic treatment is not directed at the disease but designed to help your particular individual needs.
Aimed at Wellbeing rather than Simple Absence of Disease
The goal of classical homeopathy is much more than just eliminating symptoms. It is also attaining wellbeing according to homeopathic definition of health on the emotional and mental level with the resultant receptivity to the spiritual.
No addictions
Unlike many medications & treatments homoeopathic medicines are non-addictive. Addiction to medicines can become costly in so many ways, and often become worse than the problems the medicines are designed to address.”

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